St Peter’s Petersham Chancel

Further to the new parish room, HCA has been leading the restoration of St Peter’s Church.

The process has started in 2014 with the removal of the cement render on the outside of the Chancel while the interior was refurbished starting on January 2019. The works have involved the redecoration, the cleaning of all the monuments but most importantly the restoration of the Cole Memorial.

The monument is the most valuable element of the church and is in fact placed in the Chancel close to the altar. The monument was completely dismantled and restored in situ. The original installation flaws such as the poor bonding with the outer wall and raising damp from the foundation were addressed.

In the reconstruction, all the elements were levelled and tied to either the back wall or adjacent material.

Additionally, the cementitious render on the interior of the chancel has been removed, the roman cement moulding at low level to East wall was cleaned off the unbreathable paint previously applied and the Jenner Memorial was restored as well.

The removal of the cementitious render has revealed the original stone rubble construction, probably the earliest element of the building. Given the significance of this detail, it was agreed to leave it exposed. The rest of the walls have been rendered with appropriate lime mortar and painted with KEIM paint.

The works have been carried out by PAYE Conservation. Their professionality and the high level of skilled craftsmanship they offered made this project a success.

The restoration has been carefully recorded and a publication on it is due to happen.


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