Permission for New Arts and Crafts House in Dulwich Estate

We have received permission from the Dulwich Estate for a new Arts and Crafts style house in Southwark.

The scheme has been through a number of revisions to satisfy the competing demands of both the Dulwich Estate and Southwark Council, while still achieving the client’s brief. Permission for a similar scheme has already been implemented and we now await approval from the council for this updated design.

The house is designed in an Arts and Crafts style, echoing elements of traditional architecture found throughout the conservation area while remaining essentially modern in appearance and environmental performance.

The building is formed from a simple L-shape in plan, with one subservient ‘wing’ at the rear intersecting the principal building which spans the site from left to right. Two tiled roofs, each wrapped in terracotta tiles and with gablet ends, intersect at different heights causing an interesting play on traditional roof geometry. The new building is set back from the street behind tree and bush cover to reduce visual impact upon this architecturally sensitive area.

Nevertheless, despite the planning constraints the new house comprises five bedrooms and a large basement with a swimming pool, for a total of 535 square metres internal area. The house is designed to be a ‘lifetime home’ with level access and provision for living quarters on the ground floor. The design incorporates high standards of environmental performance, and includes solar panels, an air source heat pump, and rainwater attenuation and collection.

The new house in elevation
A section through the smaller wing to the rear of the site

A render of the proposed house earlier in the design process, showing materiality
While remaining traditional in form, we have been able to experiment with an interesting wrapped roof geometry