Yorkshire Grey Place

“The atmosphere of the Stanley House is relaxed and accommodating: it is both a cabinet of architectural curiosities and a brilliant meditation on the nature of occupancy and use.”

Charles Rattray – architectural critic and journalist


This large three storey house on a land-locked site incorporated the restored remains of an existing 18th century laundry.

The single aspect of the site made it a challenge to get light into the heart of the new building. We created a deep courtyard at the back of the house and used glass floors, where appropriate. Generous top lighting left plenty of wall space for the owner’s collection of prints and paintings.

The house is very ‘hand built’ with great attention to bespoke details, such as the cantilever spiral timber staircase with curved sliding screen and the tree-like steel structure for the orangery.

Location: Hampstead, London
Status: Completed 1998 with Cullum and Nightingale


This project is featured in ‘Topical Building‘, a 2017 monograph on the work of Hugh Cullum Architects

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