Boxall Road

The application site for this scheme is a long thin site set between two Grade II listed buildings, running between Dulwich Village and Boxall Roads. The site contains an existing two-storey house that was built in the 1970s as an extension to the Grade II listed Woodman’s cottage at numbers 50 & 52.

On the Boxall Road end of the site are several garages one of which belongs to the owners of 54 Dulwich Village and the others to the neighbours on either side

In 2019 we were commissioned to design a house within the Garden of Number 54 that would front onto Boxall Road. There was recent precedent with houses one side being granted permission.

In our proposal, we sought to rationalise an articulated building line between the new houses to the right with the existing garages, and arts & crafts inspired building on the corner of Boxall and Turney Roads.

In doing so, we followed the lead of the neighbouring buildings at first-floor level while reinterpreting the garages on the ground-floor into a home office for the two self-employed clients to work from home.

The planning application was submitted in early June 2020.

Planning consultant – GreerPritchard Planning Consultancy

Visualisation of the proposed house at Boxall Road, Dulwich Village
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